Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Deep 8170 NW

Today I'm wearing another of the retro styles which seem to be popular amongst the Japanese fashion watch brands.

This watch is by the fashion watch brand Deep and is one of the rotating disc designs, similar in style to the old jump-hour watches. This one has a quartz movement and a left hand design (so the dials are read through a window on the left of the watch). The case is different than the majority of the rotating disc designs I have, with a rounded case that is slightly taller than it is wide. It has a matching metal strap with the first like connecting directly into a protrusion from the case (so it will be challenging to find a replacement).

There is no text on the front of the watch, so the only information is the Deep name and model number 8170 NW (or 8170NW). As I've mentioned many times before, there seems to be a link between a lot of the Japanese fashion brands with the same design popping up by different manufacturers. The last time I blogged a Deep watch with this number format (5766 NW), it was the same design as a Deadman watch with a similar number (GV5766), so that makes me wonder whether there is a similar Deadman GV8170 too.

Deep watches seem to be a bit newer than the Deadman watches, but don't seem to be around now, so I guess they were from the 2000s.

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