Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stellar Hayabusa Aegis BMD Watch

Today's watch is a confusing one to research, as it seems that the watch wasn't promoting an anime like I'd originally thought.

The watch itself is a basic 3 hand dial design with a quartz movement. The movement is a PC21J and from the back plate, it seems the watch is made by Sweda in China.

The interesting part is the text on the front which says:
Stellar Hayabusa
Aegis BMD
Lockheed Martin
Along with a logo of a bird of prey breaking a missile.
Researching this text has lead me to believe that the watch is commemorative or promotional for a missile defence system.
The Aegis BMD stands for Aegis Ballistic Missile Defence system which is a US department of defence program to defend against intermediate range ballistic missiles. The system currently uses the Lockheed Martin Aegis missile system with the Raytheon RIM-161 SM3 missile explaining those bits of text too. As this is a missile defence system, that fits with the logo of the bird breaking the missile as well, but I haven't found out exactly what Stellar Hayabusa is (although I think it may be a boat know the Japanese navy with this system).

Most of the links I've found about the missile system were from the mid 2000s (around 06), so I guess the watch is from then too.

So, the watch is pretty normal, but this is the first watch I've found promoting a weapons system!

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