Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bandai SD Dechonpa Godzilla

It's been a few months since I posted one of the SD Dechonpa watches, so here is another one.

This one is a Godzilla watch, and as it's part of the SD range, he is a Super Deformed version (and is also referred to as Godzilla kun). Godzilla is one of the most known of the Japanese giant monsters and first appeared in 1954. Godzilla was created by accident from a nuclear detonation.

The SD Dechonpa watches were released from the 80s and through until 1994 by Japanese toy and game manufacturer Bandai.

It is a basic LCD module with only time, date, and seconds (changed by buttons on the back). To reveal the time, you move Godzilla's right leg, his mouth opens revealing the display, and his arms lift.

This one was made in 1989, and the box states "This is No. 1 Hero Watch"

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