Friday, 30 November 2012

ZZYZX Violin watch

Today is the last day before the weekend, and the final day of my Zzyzx collection of instruments.

The week finishes with a Violin (or possibly Viola) - did any of you guess it correctly?

The watch was sold under the Zzyzx brand in around 2001, and was one of many novelty quartz analogue watches sold under this name. The Zzyzx brand is owned by Hong Kong based Hind International Investment Ltd along with the Empress, Lifestar, and Sudima brands. The company was founded in 1958 or 1987 depending on the information source, and appear to be quite a small company.

All the Zzyzx instrument watches were issued in hard cases shaped like the instrument. I have some of the boxes, but they are packed away in a box somewhere, so I'll post pictures when I find them!

The Violin watch is styled similarly to the guitar watches, with the watch head being the Violin's body, and the top strap designed as the Violin's neck. The watch head is made of wood patterned plastic, and has a model chin-rest (which is how I concluded it wasn't a Cello or Double Bass). Under the 'bottom' strap, a large ZX is engraved into the body. This version doesn't have any strings included, with only a string design moulded into the strap/neck.

It uses the same module as the others which is a small Japanese quartz movement, and time is displayed on a 3-hand dial (with the triangular Zzyzx logo printed on).

This watch may not be of the same series as the others as the back of the watch is different. Instead of the triangular logo, it has a series of numbers:
It also quotes the battery size SR620SW (AG4).

So I hope you weren't too bored by me posting similar watches in quick succession, and the normal variety resumes tomorrow :-).

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