Saturday, 10 November 2012

Oppex Car Race Game Watch

I'm keeping with the trend of wearing watches themed to my evening activities today. We are having a games night at our house, so I thought it was appropriate to wear a game watch today.

The watch is by Oppex who produced several different types of game watch under 3 model types, but I've not found anything else about the company itself. This one is the Car Race Game, and is called a model no: 020. It is identical to the Nelsonic Race Car watch with exactly the same face, design and module, just with Oppex written at the top instead of Nelsonic. My guess is that this is from the 90s (or late 80s).

There are two game modes for different speeds, and the aim is to steer left and right to overtake the other cars. It plays the same as the Super Mario Race Game I blogged a while back, but without Mario on the chequered flag. The time is displayed in the top right corner. It can only show minutes and seconds, and there is no date function. It does have an hourly chime and melody alarm though.

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