Friday, 2 November 2012

Seiko Alba W040 LCD Watch

Today is another example in the retro watch part of my collection.

This one by the Alba sub-brand of Seiko looks like it would have been one of the higher end watches in their range. Alba was started in 1979, and was mainly released in the Far-East (with Pulsar and Lorus being other global variants usually releasing the same watches).

It was released in most likely 1985 (it could be 75 or 95, but I don't think so based on the look of the watch). This particular one is actually the first watch off the production line in April in that year (so it has a 0001 serial number).

The watch has a 3 line LCD display with time (6 digits) along the top, day and date in the middle, and year and month along the bottom. Between the date and year lines, there is a black bar with text showing the modes, and a flashing LED block behind indicates the mode in use. The LCD panel itself is a different style, and has faded a little to a red colour.

All of the watches modes work on the bottom line of the display, and are alarm, timer, stopwatch, and dual time. It has a bulb based light, and is 100m water resistant.

The full model number is W040-5050, and it has a strap number of GA95A. Other case parts details can be found at the Boley site here


  1. How can I set this watch? I have a pulsar WO40 -5000. It is similar. Thanks