Monday, 19 November 2012

Mickey Mouse Projector watch

I'm blogging a modern kids watch today.

I saw it while looking for a kids present, and decided as I am a big kid at heart, I'd buy a watch while I was at it.

The watch is a basic 4 digit LCD watch, with two buttons on the front (left for setting, right for mode). The more unusual part is that there is a projector built in.
When you press the yellow button on the left of the watch, one of four Disney pictures are projected from the right side of the watch. Around the projector lens there is a black ring which can be rotated to focus the image depending on where you project it to. The image can be changed by rotating the yellow ring around the display. Overall, there are 10 different images.

There are no manufacturers marks on the outside of the watch, and all it states is that it needs 4x1.5V batteries.

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