Thursday, 21 May 2015

Agnès b LCD W205

I've posted a few agnès b  watches on the blog so far, but this one is a little different than all of the others.

The difference here is that this model is an agnès b LCD watch rather than the more common quartz analogue watches.

The agnès b brand is a French fashion brand started in 1973 by the designer Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé. The fashion brand is the main business, but there is also a film production company, and Agnès has also funded completion of various movies. The fashion brand started with womens clothing before moving to menswear in 1981. The watches started in 1989 and are made in collaboration with Seiko, with the watches still being produced at this time. The logo is the agnès b name in a script style font, but this also means it is confused by many to read 'agnis b' instead.

This model is based around the Seiko W205 module. It has a small inverse LCD display which shows 3 1/2 digits. The module is one of the typical simple digital modules, and has only time, date, and seconds displays.

The case is quite thick at the centre, where the LCD display is, and there is also the brand logo and 'paris' above and below the display. The case then slopes down towards the strap connection, and the strap is a stainless steel expanding bracelet design (part number E0D7AG-S) where the links rotate when expanding.

The full model number is W205-4480, and this model came out in 1997 or 2007. As I've featured this module before in two Cabane de Zucca watches which came from the mid/late 90s, I'd reckon this watch is also from the same time period.

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