Monday, 18 May 2015

Deep DT-012

One of the best things about collecting obscure fashion watches is that they have many different weird and wonderful designs.

Today's watch is another by the mystery Deep brand. The brand seems relatively new, but they have produced a large range of watches, many with normal looking designs, but plenty with something unusual about them. The brand itself is hard to research, but they seem to mainly be made in China, and share designs with other fashion watches.

Based on the model number, this may be one of the earlier Deep watches. It is called the DT-012 and is a quartz analogue model. The unusual thing for the watch is the layout of the face. The centre for the hands is offset to the right of the watch, while the numbers are surrounding a circle offset to the left. This simple misalignment gives the watch an unusual feel, and has quite an effect on the ease of reading if you're not concentrating.

There is also a date marker in place of the number 4, and a rather unusual day marker. For the days, the names are written out in full around a small window to the left and slightly above centre. In the window is an arrow which points to the correct day, and clicks round to the next day along with the date -the arrow doesn't rotate though, but is on a disc with one arrow for each day and only one at a time can be seen.

I don't know when the watch was released, but it is likely late 2000s, or early 2010s. The brand is a low cost one, so the rrp was probably below ¥4,000.

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