Friday, 29 May 2015

Diesel DZ-1432

It's Friday, and I'm wearing a giant of a watch today.

This watch is the DZ-1432 (or DZ1432 or DZ 1432) by Diesel. The Diesel brand is a well known name, mainly in connection with their clothing line, and especially their Denim products. In the late 2000s, they started to be noticed for their fashion watch designs, and I feel that they were one of the companies which started the most recent wave of fashion watch popularity. The Diesel brand is part of the Only The Brave holding company, and this logo is a prominent feature of the back plate of the watches.

This model is one of their large but simple watches. It's a analogue model with a Miyota quartz movement inside, and this gives it a 3 hand dial display. The dial is round and split horizontally between two colours (light and dark grey) with different numbering styles in the different halves. The top half has only even numbers towards the edge of the dial with dashes for minutes further towards the centre, but on the bottom half, the hour numbers are in the same ring as the minutes from the top half while there are only hour markers at the edge. Around the very edge of the dial there is also a minute marker track on an angled section. The case is dark grey stainless steel and has an industrial style square(ish) design with visible screws. The design is finished with a soft feeling white silicone or rubber strap with Diesel markings on the strap, buckle, and loop.

The watch back doesn't have much more than the logo, model number, and serial number, just giving the material (stainless steel), water resistance (5 bar), and the CE mark.

Reading online, the Amazon UK site said this first appeared there in 2011, so I'd guess it was released around this time, but it isn't for sale anymore. One other site quoted an rrp of £89, but I've seen it for sale for higher prices!

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