Friday, 22 May 2015

Boy London 'Tie-Fighter' shaped watch

Today's watch is one of those where there is no marked name or model number so I've had to make up a descriptive name for the blog post.

This particular design of watch reminds me of a Tie Fighter from Star Wars. It has a central section with the face as well as two vertical 'wings' on the sides.

The watch is by the Boy London brand. The Boy London watches seem to come in a couple of distinctive styles - one with an all metal design, and one which is more simple watches with two tone leather straps. This model. Is actually a little bit between the two, but closer to the metal watches. It has an unusual metal shaped case, and the leather strap has a metal attachment with Boy on that is similar to the links in many of the metal straps.

The watch part is a quartz analogue design. It is a 3 hand dial model, but with a seconds hand which is moulded with the Boy name. The face design has the totem style Eagle logo that Boy London often uses, and only has numbers for 2, 5, 8, and 11.

The back is one of the typical Boy London designs, showing the address of the Boy London original shop - 153 Kings Road. It also states that the original creator is Stephanie Raynor, which might imply that this was made by someone other than the original Boy London company. The back also says the copyright is MCMXCIV (1994) which is when the original Boy London brand was on hiatus. Other information on the back is that the watch has a Japanese movement and a stainless steel back.

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