Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Void Sond NYG

Today's watch is my second Void watch after I blogged the V02 in March.

Void Watches was started in 2008 by David Ericsson, a Swedish designer who started the brand originally as a side project.

The Void Sond (or Sønd as it looks on the case) is a very simple watch in how it's constructed. The case is one moulded piece of nylon with the display module mounted into it. The nylon fabric strap loops through the case itself with no need for additional parts such as spring bars, meaning that there are very few pieces to the watch (the case, module, battery cover, strap, and two silicone loops to hold the loose end of the strap). The website states that each part can be made in any of 8 colours, so there are a lot of combinations available to them. This particular colour variation is called the Sond NYG and is still on sale for $95.

The time telling is done on the rectangular inverse LCD display on the lower part of the front of the case. The display is for 5 1/2 digits (as the first digit of the hours can only show a 1). The module has an el-backlight, but then that is it, with no other functions!

The name of the watch means either 'That which is sent', or is a type of balloon used for measuring atmospheric conditions in the upper atmosphere.

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