Monday, 4 May 2015

Boy London B for Boy - Wheel

I've got a lot of Boy London watches in my collection and I'm gradually finding out a little more as I check out each one.

Today's Boy London watch is from a line of watches they released called B for Boy. In January I'd thought that this was a separate line, but as the back of this watch says B for Boy by Boy London, then I think I can confirm it. Both of the watches in this line that I've blogged have had smaller cases, and the strap here is very short (only just fitting my wrist), which suggests that these watches were maybe a line for children. I'd hoped that knowing this was a separate line would help get a more specific search, but instead I get a couple which have been for sale and most of the hits point back to my blog...

The watch is a 3 hand dial design in a round case. The bezel is quite wide and has the B for Boy name pressed into it along with symbols of a sun, moon, crown, and stars as hour markers, and the number 9 is the only numerical hour marker. The face is decorated with a sketched wheel and the word Boy, and has small text saying Japan Movt (which most of the time with Boy London means Miyota, but I'll need to open the back again to confirm it). The back has the description mentioned above, as well as a sketched version of the Boy London person symbol.

The strap has hints of the usual Boy London design, but with a few differences. It is made of black leather (single colour) with a stud/button, which in this case says Boy London and has a Union Jack in the middle. The buckle is the usual moulded Boy design too.
Timing is one of the things I'm most confused about with the Boy London watches. The brand has been around since the 70s, but most of the watches seem to have appeared in the 90s while the brand was taking a break. My guess is that this is one of the styles which started in the mid 90s, but as it is for a sub line, I'd guess that it was a little later in time, so maybe early 00s.

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