Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Swatch Ellypting GB152

Today's watch is one of my old Swatch watches, but this time with an unusual way of telling the time.

This Swatch is called Ellypting and is one of the Swatch Originals models. It is a standard looking 3 hand design, but there are more numbers on the dial than you'd expect. The reason for this is that the watch has a 24 hr movement, and the hour hand only goes round once per day. The Ellypting is one of the first two 24 hr movement Swatch watches which were released in 1993, and it seems that there has only been 7 different designs released in total (the last in 1999).

It is one of the designs called Standard Gents, but actually seems to have been aimed at men and women. This means it has the standard plastic case, and this one has a leather strap (which is said to have an ostrich print). The face design has an ellipse in the middle with the different phases of the moon shown on the ellipse. There are numbers on the dial for every hour, but the odd numbers are much smaller.

It was released as part of the Fall Winter 1993 collection, having been designed in 1992. The model number is GB152.

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