Thursday, 28 May 2015

Time Design Zirconium

Today's watch is the 3rd in my collection of Time Design watches. Looking back, I think that Time Design were the first of the 'mystery' watch brands in my collection, as I've known about the brand since early in my collecting days, but still know very little about them.

The Time Design brand has been around since at least the late 90s (if my memory serves me correctly), and produce metal cased watches in a similar style to Storm. In my previous posts I've been mistaken about the names of the watches as they are named after metals, which I'd thought was part of the material they were made from. The watches are identified by the Time Design logo which is a combination of T and D, but looks like a curly D.

This watch is called Zirconium and is an analogue quartz model. It has a 3 hand dial design in a metal case with a futuristic look. The dial has no bezel, with the glass and face going right to the edges of the watch, but the case does show at the top and bottom where it goes towards the strap connectors. The strap is a metal design with a long curved solid first section and the typical Y-shaped connections for the rest of the strap. The dial is light blue brushed metal with concentric light blue rings, and the hour markers are raised metal blobs. The brand logo is well represented on the watch, being found on the case, both ends of the strap, the strap connector, and the watch back, and the Time Design name is also found all over the watch too.

My guess for the age of the watch is that it comes from the early 00s (but it may well be earlier), and it is a pure guess as there is no real information on the watch to suggest an age.


  1. I have time design watch here with me. The same in your picture

  2. i brought one of these on an in flight purchase I think around the 2000/2001. Was a great watch, very different and was always commented on or people wanted to take a look at it. Just found it today. It is a bit damaged and the band is broken.

    1. oh , same as mine

    2. I have three of these watches- a blue like yours, an aqua, and a purple. The purple is the oldest and purchased on a cruise ship around 1993-94. Still runs fine. Wore it today.

  3. I have the same watch. just found it on some old stuff packed on my shelf
    I don't even remember when I have bought it. how much does it cost in your country ?

  4. How mutch would a piece like this cost ? I do apologise if l have overlokked the price quote
    on here , kin