Thursday, 7 May 2015

Module 3D Style Dot Matrix LCD

It seems that the Internet is recognising that I collect a lot of mystery Japanese watch brands. Today's watch is another by Module, and my blog makes up a large proportion of the web hits when I keep searching.

The Module brand is made by a company called Poll Position Ltd Co. From the limited information I've found online, they may be an Osaka based manufacturing company, but also distributors of the Lip watch brand in Japan. They also have a Japanese auction profile selling these watches, but there doesn't seem to be a specific web site for the brand. The brand logo is the name MODULE, but with the O being a hexagonal shape.

This model is a different design to most of their watches as it is an LCD design rather than the more common quartz analogue watches. The LCD design is an inverse LCD, in what looks like a dot matrix array layout. As this is only used for showing digits, I can't be sure it is a true dot matrix or whether it is just split into square pixels for the digits only. The design of the digits is such that they have a 3D effect because although the digits are 2 pixels thick, it looks like they are 2 sets of 1 pixel thick numbers offset by 1 pixel to the right and down. The time display is a normal basic arrangement having just time, date, and seconds. The back of the watch just confirms the make (with the logo) and the Poll Position Ltd Co company, and the stainless steel construction, and there is also a 'Made in China' sticker attached.

The watch case is a large square design with the whole dace covered by the glass. The front of the watch extends wider than the main body making it look slimmer on your wrist than it really is. The strap is a metal chainmail style with a buckle, and this fastens directly into the main part of the case.

I bought this model brand new for a discounted ¥1000 (but it has an rrp closer to ¥2000) so I think it is a very recent release.

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