Thursday, 3 May 2012

Android USA Catapult watch

If you want to engage in some office or classroom warfare, then today's watch may be for you!

This watch is the catapult watch by Android USA. The watch has a standard 3-hand dial display, but the face is cut flat across the top rather than being completely round. What sets it apart from other watches is the small spoon-like attachment cutting across the dial (from 12 to 6). This is the catapult (or technically ballista)! It is hinged at the top, with a catch at the bottom holding it in place. Put a small paper ball on the spoon, release the catch, and the ball will be launched (maybe 3-5m depending on the size, weight, and aerodynamic properties).

The back of the watch states it is Android Design, and property of OKO. Inside, there is a standard Japanese movement, powered by an AG4 battery.

1 comment:

  1. What a unique design! I want to sell my Rolex Cellini to purchase two watches for my 10 year-old nephews. I might buy two of this Android catapult watch, but do they have sizes for kids? And won't my nephews get in trouble at school with this kind of watch?