Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cabane de Zucca - Doggy Gum

Today is quite a creepy looking watch. It is by Cabane de Zucca, and reminds me of either a spine, or something out of the movie Aliens.
The watch is the Doggy Gum, and was released in 1999 (although this one was made in 2000. It has a standard 3-hand dial display powered by a V401 module. The numbers on the dial are only the minutes, and there are no hours numbers at all.

The case and strap are the unusual parts, being made out of a bone coloured plastic. The strap is in interlinking segments which look like a segmented alien finger/tentacle. The clasp is at the front of the watch and is held closed by a metal bar which slips over the front of the face section. On the metal bar, there is what I assume is the part number 88F020.

Under the display, there is the atomic symbol for Calcium (Ca) embossed in the plastic, and Cabane de Zucca embossed above the dial.
The full model number is V401-6360

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