Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Casio BP-300 Blood Pressure Monitor

It's the second of my Casio Blood Pressure Monitor watches today.
This one is the BP-300 model, and it looks almost identical to the metal BP-120 version I posted a while back (link). There are some minor differences in looks; this version has a slightly gold coloured LCD display, gold writing, and hold bands on the strap. The watch also has a text panel next to the sensor which is different than the metal BP-120, but the same as one of the black resin versions (link)

Function-wise, this is the same as the BP-120 and uses the same 1101 module. This gives the watch the same time, date, and blood pressure reading options.

For this model, the strap has a part number of S-402-N

More details on the methods used for the blood pressure monitoring can be found here

The manual for the 1101 module can be found here

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