Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Axcent X7600 Shuttle

Today's watch is an unusual design, but this time from Scandinavia!
The watch is by Axcent of Scandinavia, and is called Shuttle. It was designed by Daniel Jakobsson, and has his signature as part of the design on the back.
The watch has half of the dial hidden behind a panel, so only the top half is visible. To be able to tell the time, the hands have a black and white end, which corresponds to either the black or white numbers. For hours (strangely with the hours being the long land and the outer dial), 9 to 2 has black numbers, and 3 to 8 has white. Minutes also change at the 15 and 45 points. The method is similar to the Alba nn (Neatnik) but that was split vertically instead.
The model number is X7600, and it was available in red or black versions.

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