Monday, 28 May 2012

Inazuma Eleven - Wide Strap Mark Evans version.

As well as watches, I quite like games and Anime, and so this watch captures something from all those things.

Inazuma 11 is an anime about a young boy's efforts to make his team the best there is. As this is an Anime, there is more than just football, with good vs evil, and special moves (such as God Hand) thrown in the mix! The character on the watch is Mark Evans, who is the main character, and the teams goalie. He is also the grandson of a famous footballer, who he finds more about as the series progresses. The anime has also been made into a football rpg for the Nintendo DS.

The watch is mainly strap, with only a small 1cm wide strip which is actually the watch. It is a very basic LCD module, with only time, date, and seconds. It is made for Sega, and is copyright of Level-5 (who I think made the anime)

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