Friday, 11 May 2012

Nooka Zirc Gold

As my last post on a Nooka (link) has reached 1000 pageviews, it's time for another Nooka on my blog.
The Nooka Zirc is another in the Matthew Waldman's Nooka brand, and is possibly one of the most flashy and noticeable in my collection (and that is saying something!).

The Zirc combines an hour display in a more traditional circular arrangement, with a bar below showing the minutes. The hour display has one LCD dot for each hour, and 60 lines for the minutes. There are markers for am and pm, and to show if the alarm is active.

The watch face is VERY shiny, making it look rather flashy, and has Nooka written on each side, with the buttons inside the 'oo' (or to be more correct, the infinity symbol). The strap is a fine gold mesh with a Nooka clasp.

You can still buy the watch from Nooka (link) or their distributors (as of May 2012) for $300.

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