Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Casio WM-11 Gauge-It Timer 45

When I got this watch, I had no idea about what it did as the large dial that takes up half of the face doesn't show the time!

Actually, the dial is part of the sports timer function given in the name. When in tiner mode, the dial shows the countdown time remaining (in minutes, defaulting to 45 min, hence the timer 45 name). To get to this mode, you need to go to the time display, and hold the front button until it shows 0. The countdown can then be started, or changed with the small adjust button.

The dial also shows which mode is in use (alarm, stopwatch, recall (of previous stopwatch readings), and a mode to reset the hands to zero).

The rest of the information, and the time is shown on the standard LCD display.

The module controlling this is the 766, and the watch model number is WM-11. It was originally released in 1986. The instruction manual for the module can be found here

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