Sunday, 27 May 2012

Casio UV-10 UV Sensor

I was going to spend a lot of time in the garden today, so decided to wear my Casio UV Sensor watch, to make sure I didn't get too caught by the sun.

The UV-10 is an Ana-Digi watch, with a linked analogue and digital time (both change together).
On the dial, there is also a small round sensor (just under the 9 o'clock position) which measures UV throughout the day. When you press the UV button (bottom right), the dial turns to show the whether you have had enough UV for your skin type to burn (without suncream), and the LCD shows the cumulative dose (in J/cm2) .

The watch uses a 768 module, and as well as time and UV, has an alarm and hourly chime. By default, the watch. shows time with both analogue and digital, but the digital display can be set to show date, seconds, day of the week, or ultraviolet intensity. The UV intensity isn't that exact times reading, unless you hold the watch towards the sun for 3 minutes.

The manual for the 768 module can be found here

UV reading mode

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