Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sekonda 23 Jewels Thin Mechanical

This watch proves that I do have normal watches in my collection!

The watch is a 3-hand dial mechanical watch by the British distributor Sekonda. It was made in USSR, which makes it earlier than 1991!

The watch has a 23 jewel mechanism, and is very thin for a mechanical watch.

This may be a calibre 2209. If so, the watch was first made in USSR in 1961 by Vympel, and was the thinnest ever made at that time. Sekonda was formed by the soviet watch industry's central authority ChasProm in 1966 as an export brand for the best soviet watches. The Vympel version (which became Poljot after a couple of years) was made in  Moscow at the 1st Moscow Watch factory until the late 60s. After that it was made by Luch in Minsk. This seems similar to a model shown on the web as being late-80s (around 88), which would make it a Minsk-made model.

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