Thursday, 18 April 2013

Casio Marlin W-35 LCD

At a first glance, today's watch looks like a normal 80s LCD model. But just above the display, in the top right, is a symbol which makes it a lot more collectable.

The watch is a Casio Marlin watch, and it is the Marlin label that increases it's collectability by a lot. I haven't found out what makes them so special, but there is a lot of discussion and even dedicated forums for the Marlin watches. The Marlin fish, after which the model is named, has a distinctive long body, sharp pointed snout, and large dorsal (back) fin. It is an extremely fast swimmer, and is hunted for sport in tropical regions.

This model was released in 1980 and is the W-35. As a marine model, it has a 50m water resistance, and is a lithium model too. The W-35 is one of the Stainless Steel Marlins, and is Japan made.

It uses a 248 module, which was a very common Casio module in that period. It has the usual modes of alarm, chronograph, and timer. The LCD display is two lines, having a 6 digit time display along the bottom, and day/date along the top. Night use comes from a bulb based light.

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  1. Hi there. I have an old one of these and am trying to figure out what battery to put in it. I took the old one out many years ago so it wouldnt corrode and wreck the watch, but now cannot figure out what battery it takes.