Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 Universal Studios C351

It seems to have been a long time since my last 1481010 watch, so here's another one! This is the newest that I have, and until I saw it for sale, I didn't know this variant existed!

The watch is one of Citizen's Independent 1481010 range from the late 90s. Regular readers of my blog will have read about them many times before, but for anyone else, there is a 1481010 overview page where I have all of the information (link at the top right of the page for those not on a rotating mobile view).

This particular model is a C351, which has an Ana-Digi display, and curved metal strap. The inverse LCD display shows time and seconds, and the electronic dial shows a second time (and can be set independently). A second LCD section is just for decoration, and fills/empties by one block every second. The C351 also has dual alarms, a chronograph, and a timer function.
This variant is a merchandise version made in 1998, and is promoting Universal Studios Japan. The watch is of the standard design, but has the text and studio's logo engraved into the metal strap. Spookily, I picked this watch before realising it was very topical as I'm watching a movie later.

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