Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Citizen Titanium J-League 1998 Limited Version Referee Watch

Today is the turn of another Citizen LCD watch from the 90s.

It is a limited edition watch from the Citizen Titanium range, and is a collaboration with the Japan Professional Football League. The Citizen Titanium range provides lightweight but tough watches, designed for heavy use. The design has similarities to the G-Shock watches, and this range may be Citizen's G-Shock rival.

The watch is designed to be a referee's watch and has a 1/100th second stopwatch. It has a 2 line LCD display which looks very like one of the 1481010 watches I've blogged before. The display has time across the top with date below. It also has dual alarms, stopwatch, timer, and dual time, with the selected mode shown between the two lines of numbers. When other modes are selected, the time jumps to the bottom line with the info for the mode at the top.

For the design the watch has the J-League logo printed on the case below the display (and etched into the back plate), and says this is copyright 1992 Japan Professional Football League. The title at the top of the display shows this is a Referee Official Timer.

On the back, the model number is shown as DTZ002. It doesn't have any serial number unlike the normal Citizen ranges. The label for the watch says it has a DN95 module, and a catalogue number of JT93-0021D. It was originally sold for 15,000 yen.

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