Monday, 29 April 2013

Q&Q Radio Controlled watch HZ24

It's back to a normal size watch today yesterday's giant model.

This is a watch by Japanese brand Q&Q, who are part of the Citizen watch company. Their website states they are the #1 brand in analogue watches, but also sell digital watches and clocks.

It is a radio controlled watch working on both the 40 and 60kHz systems (meaning it should be worldwide compatible), and has a 3-hand dial. Time can also be manually set by pulling out the middle button and using the bottom button to move the hands. Manual setting spins the seconds hand very fast, but it takes a long time if you want to change more than a few hours. The other button puts the watch into receiving mode, pausing the time until it is ready, then turning the hands to the correct place.

It is 5 bar water resistant, and is meant to have a 10 year battery life.

The back repeats the watch functions, and has the initials CBM. There is a model number on the face HZ24-205 WLP.

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