Tuesday, 30 June 2015

B for Boy Double Strap Watch

I'm back with my Boy London collection today with a relatively simple design watch.

This watch is from the B for Boy collection by Boy London. The B for Boy watches seem to have the same design style as the main Boy London brand, but tend to be smaller watches, so the name would suggest they are aimed at younger people.

The Boy London brand appeared in 1976 and became very popular in the London club/fashion scene. The true Boy London brand took a break over the 90s, but watches continued to be made under that name from at least the mid-90s, and so my working assumption is that they came from a manufacturer who had bought the rights.

This particular model has the same design case as the B for Boy Wheel watch I blogged in May. It is a small round design with the B for Boy name being used for the hour markers from 12 to 4, and a combination of numbers (6 and 9), stars, the moon, the sun, and a crown for the rest. The face design is plain with just the Boy London name in white on a black background. The back states the watch is B for Boy by Boy London, and has the stickman logo, and this watch has a Boy London hologram sticker too. The watch itself is a 3 hand dial design, and the front of the watch says it has a Japanese movement (which is likely Miyota).

The strap has a Boy London button with Union Jack logo in the middle and a Boy buckle. The unusual thing with the strap I that there is an extra section with a second Boy buckle, giving the watch a double strap.

I haven't found any new information on dates for the B for Boy watches, so I don't have any reason to think my guess last time as early 2000s would be wrong.

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