Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Flik Flak Sola Turchese

Today's watch choice came about because I spotted this matched with the tee shirt I'd chosen to wear today (and being coordinated seemed like a good idea for a change).

This watch is from the Swatch children's range Flik Flak (or flik flak as it's written in non-capital letters). The watches follow the same principle as the regular Swatches with bright colourful designs and (usually) a standard case design (which for the flik flak are round).

This model is called the Solar Turchese, and is from the 2012 Spring Summer collection (with a design year of 2011). This design has a turquoise colour scheme with black and white writing. Even the case is in on the colour scheme, being a turquoise anodised aluminium design. The most noticeable part about the face is the sparkly diamond design which is between each hour number. On closer inspection, it seems that these jewels are mounted or moulded on the inside of the glass, pointing down towards the face. The strap is a turquoise rubber/silicone design with a knobbly texture which is common in the flik flak watches.

The model number is FCN025, and technically it is a girls watch. Inside is a Swiss ETA movement, and this powers the 2 hand dial arrangement. As it is a flik flak watch, it is waterproof and machine washable (at 40C, but I don't want to test it...).

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