Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Puma Turn LCD watch

After yesterday's colour coordinated watch, I thought it would be good to continue that trend today (but with something that was also waterproof due to the weather).

So, the watch I chose was this black and red model by Puma. Puma is one of the world's leading sports brands, and this is the 3rd of their watches to appear on my blog. The company has its roots in the same family business as Adidas, but the brothers relationship deteriorated until they split in 1948.

This particular model seems to be called Turn, and it seems to be part of the Puma Active Collection with a model number of PU900101001 (which is longer than I would have expected). The watch has a moulded plastic case (in one piece with the strap), and an unusual red on black LCD display. The display is shaped with a step in the middle so the minutes are higher than the hours. Inbetween the hours and minutes are the seconds, with an animation such that it looks like they are rotating in the front of a wheel, and the second before and second after visible above and below the slightly brighter numbers of the time.

As this is a sports watch, it has the usual modes/displays, with time, date, chronograph, timer, and alarm. The display is quite dark, so it can be hard to read in some light (and difficult to photograph), but there is a red el-backlight (top left button) to help.

I've found a few shops listing the watch, but it's not available anymore, so I think it is reasonably modern and I'd guess a late 2000s release (which fits with the fact it first appeared on Amazon UK in 2010).

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