Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Swatch Scuba SDK111 Tipping Compass

I'm going to the Swatch FIVB World Tour event (beach volleyball) tonight, so I thought it was fitting to wear another from my collection of Swatch watches.

The Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series was started as a collaboration between Red Bull and ACTS Group marketing agency, with Swatch being brought on board as a partner and sponsor. The event consists of 4 beach volleyball tournaments around the world to find the series champions.

This watch is one of the Swatch Scuba range (also called Scuba 200), but is a little different from the last Scuba model I blogged. This model is called Tipping Compass, which is due to the face design. The face doesn't actually tip, but has a nautical style compass design, but with a bottom section which looks to be at an angle. The compass points make up the hour markers, and the 3 hands are glow in the dark for easy reading. The Scuba models are thicker than the standard Swatch to allow the increased water resistance (200m), and they feature a rotating bezel with minutes markers for timing during a dive.

With this model, I also got a glow in the dark loop fitting which fits on the strap. I don't know if it was originally with the watch, but it fits the size and design very well. My guess is that it is designed to allow you to clip something to the loop while diving to avoid losing it.

This model has the model number SDK111 and was a winter 1993 release (with a design date of 1992).

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