Thursday, 4 June 2015

Nike Cross Training VG72-5000

Today's watch is one of the sporty models in my collection.

It is one of the Nike sports watches which I think were first released in the 90s, but don't appear to exist anymore. There are many different ranges within the Nike watch line, and this is a Cross Training model which I think it aimed at women, but I think is more of a unisex design. These watches have become harder to research now that the watch repair site, which I'd refer to because of its extensive list of models, has disappeared.

This particular model is an analogue design with a quartz movement. It has the model number on the back which states VG72-5000, and is one of many different models with the VG72 module. The main distinctive feature of this variation is the shape, which has an oval shaped face, but with a flattened top (which is similar to other Nike watches). It has a 3 hand dial design, and there is an additional button, above the crown, which operates an el-backlight function.

Not much is written on the dial about the model, but it states the watch is a "Sports analogue H2O resist 100m". The back repeats the water resistance and says the watch is made of stainless steel and performance plastics. It also informs that the movement is Japanese, but the case is from China.

There is no date information on the model, but if the serial number works the same watch as the similarly numbered Seiko watches, it would suggest this is from 2000.

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