Monday, 22 June 2015

Citizen Independent G110

It's a smart looking watch today, and one of a line of watches I collector but have not blogged for a little while.

This watch is from the Citizen Independent range. It isn't one of the original Independent 1481010 watches, but from the collection that came out in October 2007 (at around the 10th anniversary of the 1481010 models initial release).

This model is based around the G110 module and is a 3 hand design quartz analogue watch. It has a relatively plain design with a round dial featuring white markers on a black background. Only the 12 o'clock has a number for the hour markers, but there are small minutes numbers around the very edge of the dial.

The case design is a little more unusual as it is octagonal and has the look of a giant bolt head. The back is a screw on design, with the watch being waterproof to 10 bar. It has a stainless steel construction and was cased in China (with a Japanese quartz movement). The strap is also stainless steel, with a special first connector which is matched to the case.

The back of the watch has the full model number, which is G110-003255-02, and from the serial number, it seems to have been made in 2009 (and isn't available anymore). I've not found this exact models details online, but a black version of this design has a catalogue number of ITQ21-5261, so the number for this version should be similar. The original price seems to have been around the ¥14,298 mark.

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