Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Neff Daily Wild NF0208 Lime

Today is my second from the Neff watch brand, and has a nice unusual design.

The Neff brand started in 2002 with the name Neff Headwear, initially specialising in skate and surf wear, before starting the Neff Vision eyewear and Neff Time watches.

This model is part of a range called Daily Wild, which has the model number NF0208. The Daily Wild watches are all 2 hand dial analogue watches with a large plastic case and thick silicone or rubber strap. The watches come in all manner of different designs, but all of them have the same model number.

This design is called Lime, an at first glance looks like it is only a 1 hand watch. The artwork which seems to be on the face of the watch is actually a disc which represents the hour hand, and has caused a few people to need a while to spot what time it is. The hours disc is slightly transparent, so you can see hour markers through the yellow part, but there is a clear window with a pointer which indicates which hour it is. The strap follows the same colour scheme as the face and is in lime green, yellow, and white, with a Neff branded black buckle.

The watch back has the word Daily in large letters as well as the Neff round face logo, along with some basic information. For materials, it says that the back is ABS reinforced stainless steel, and that the case is 5atm water resistant. It also shows that inside, the quartz movement is from Singapore, which you don't see that often.

This design isn't for sale anymore, so I think it is an older design (late 00s, or early 10s), but the others for sale are around $35, so I'd guess the same rrp for this watch.

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