Friday, 26 June 2015

Module GV9121

Today's watch has a design which seems really popular as this is the 3rd different brand with an almost identical design.

This watch is by the Module brand which has featured a few times before on this blog. The brand is made by a company called Poll Position Ltd Co, who seem to be a watch distributor (and manufacturer?) in Japan.

The watch is a rotating disc model with a left side display, and the brand logo on the right. The face only seems to be a thin horizontal rectangle as the strap is connected on the front of the case, hiding most of the case behind it.

I've blogged this exact design from two other brands which I collect. The Deadman GV 5766 seems to be the earliest of them with this design (as I've confirmed the brand existing in the late 90s), and also have a model by Deep called the 5766 NW. This model by Module doesn't share the same 5766 number as the others, and is a GV 9121. I've had the suspicion that these brands are linked in some way, for example being from the same overall owner, or branding watches from a 3rd party supplier. This watch keeps up that suspicion, but the face that it has a Deadman style model number (GV xxxx), but a different number is a little confusing.

I know that Module and Poll Position Ltd Co are still around, so I think this is a new model, and I'd guess early 10s.

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