Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Deadman E.S.P GV4094

Today is another Deadman watch, and another different design style.

One of the reasons that the Deadman (or maybe Dead Man) watches have become a favourite of mine is that they have one of the most diverse line-up of watch designs I've come across. The brand itself is still a mystery, but I've seen over 30 different designs, and I keep coming across more. The numbering system suggests there are a lot more I haven't seen yet, and it is still rate I'm seeing duplicates (which suggests statistically that they made a lot of designs, but each in only a small quantity). The brand was around in the late 90s, as it was featured in magazines of the time, but there is no record of when they stopped. The designs have also been seen in other, potentially more recent, brands so I don't know if they merged, we're copied, or commissioned designs from another party.

This model is called the E.S.P, and is a quartz rotating disc design. The disc system is shown on the left side and is a continuously rotating 3 disc design. The time is set into a blue panel which is an upside-down house shape (that has a name which currently escapes me...) and the brand and model name is also printed under the glass. The case is chunky and metal with a mixture of brushed and shiny surfaces in a hard to describe shape. Below the face, the Deadman logo is engraved into the metal in its retro computer writing font.

The back just has the usual limited information with the logo, statement on the stainless steel back, and the model number. This model number is GV4094 (or GV 4094 as it seems to be written).

As the Deadman watches have only been confirmed to be around in the late 90s, I guess that is the date for this model too. The brand was a low price design, and the watch would have been around ¥3,800.

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