Thursday, 18 June 2015

Storm Cycloid Ana-Digi Watch

For those who've been following my blog for a while, and have looked at the picture of today's watch, I'm sure you'll have recognised what brand it is already.

For the rest of the readers, this watch is one by the brand Storm of London (whose watches started my whole watch collecting obsession). The brand was started in 1989 to produce affordable fashionable watches and quickly developed a recognisable style - unusual shapes /faces with brushed steel cases, and straps with a mixture of a solid curved section (with distinctive raised features) and Y-shaped links.

This model is called the Cycloid and was released in 1996. It is an ana-digi model with a rectangular analogue section and a small square LCD in a square case. The square of the case is rotated by 45 degrees, but strangely this is anticlockwise so a quick glance when your arms are outstretched has the time at 90 degrees to you (-unless you wear your watch on your right arm).

The analogue part is a simple 2 hand dial design with quartz movement. The glass for this section has a curve along the length of the face, and I think this is the reason that the watch appears slightly different colours from different angles (yellow through to pink). The LCD is the same small square module from the Navigator and Pentax, which shows 4 digits of time with the hours at the top left and minutes at the bottom right (and only has inset buttons). Unfortunately, the LCD modules have been hard to get back working, and I still can't get this one (and the Pentax) to work (and even the photo of this model on the Storm website doesn't have the LCD display on).

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