Monday, 10 August 2015

Boy London - BOY-31-W One Star

When I've been blogging the Boy London watches recently, they've all been of different styles, but today it's back to the more common models.

I've blogged about the Boy London brand many times now, so I won't repeat too much of the brand story today (as it can all be found on earlier posts).

This model is one of the many different watches with the model number BOY-31-W. This version has a round case with the Boy London name moulded into the bezel at the bottom left and their Eagle logo at the top (as was seen in the watch I blogged in August last year). The face design is pretty busy, with the main feature being a large red 5 pointed star in the middle, covering what seems to be a large '1'. Inbetween all of the points of the star are smaller versions of different logos seen on other designs - stick man, upside-down dancing stick man, wheel with spokes, Eagle, and face with 'Boy' cap. The strap follows the standard design with a black leather strap with gold section fastened on with rivets and imprinted with 'Boy London' and the Eagle logo.

As with the others in these designs, I think they were started in the mid/late 90s by a company which had rights to the Boy London brand name which was on a break.

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