Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ODM Mysterious II

Today's watch is another Mysterious watch in my collection. Not in the way, I normally talk about mysterious watches, but this model is part of a range called Mysterious by ODM.

This model is the Mysterious II and is an LCD watch with similarities to the others I've blogged (the Mysterious +, IV, V, and VI). This one has a round inverse LCD display with a mirrored face making it a very shiny watch. The display is simple, only ever showing 3 or 4 numbers in two rows, the top row being much smaller than the bottom one. Around the edge of the display is a thick matt silver bezel, but the mystery for the watch is that there are no buttons.

In order to switch the display between the time and date options, you just need to flick your wrist to turn the watch up and down again. This registers with a sensor (likely some kind of solid state gyroscope) to change the mode. This method is also used for setting the time/date, with an inset button on the back starting the mode and switching between the numbers to change, and the tilting of the watch changing the speed that the numbers change.

There is not much other information available on the watch apart from it is all stainless steel, and 5 atm water resistant, and there are of course the odm logo and name on the back.

The ODM (or odm, or o.d.m)  brand is from Hong Kong, and the name means Original Dynamic Minimal (which definitely fits with this design which is original, requires movement (dynamic), and is definitely minimal). The brand was started in 1999 and has the motto "the art of experiment......".

This particular model seems to be an uncommon one, as I've not been able to find more online with the round display...


  1. Outstanding Post Love to read it

  2. Can I know the price of this watch (Misterious 2)