Friday, 21 August 2015

Hashu GX-Lite S26GH

Today is the 3rd watch I've blogged from the Hashu brand, and the 3rd different style.

The Hashu brand are a bit of a mystery as they have a few watches I've seen for sale, with interesting designs, but the relevant web search hits mainly link back to this blog. With today's watch, I thought I'd have a breakthrough as there is a patent number on the back. Unfortunately, patent 5313141 is actually a patent for the el-backlight titled "Three terminal inverter for electroluminescent lamps", so doesn't give any insights into the brand. So therefore I need to keep looking.

This model is the S26GH and has a name on the front of GX-Lite. It is an LCD model with a pretty standard display - 6 digit time, and day markers across the top. It has a roundish plastic case which is a little reminiscent of a G-Shock shape but simpler and less chunky. The watch does have other modes which are alarm and stopwatch.

I've seen reference to the Hashu watches from the late 90s, and there are some references through to the mid 2000s, so I think that is when this will be from. The watches were pretty low cost, but I don't have an rrp for this model.

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