Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Super Lovers Calculator Watch

At the weekend I was chatting to someone who was really interested in the 90s calculator watches. That conversation inspired me to choose a calculator watch today (especially as the colour fits well with today's clothing choice).

This calculator watch may look like an 80s/90s Casio model, but it is actually a Super Lovers watch. The Super Lovers brand is a fashion/clothing brand based in Harajuku, Tokyo who produce many club/cute/goth lines of clothing. When it comes to watches, they never cease to amaze with the breadth of different designs they have made, seemingly in small numbers.

The Super Lovers calcuator watch is a full calculator model with a 4x4 rubber keypad and LCD display. The LCD display is set up for the calculator mode and can show 9 digits and also has a day marker below the numbers. Getting around the modes can be difficult as the mode button (C) only switches between time and calculator. To show the date, you need to press and hold the bottom right buttons marked 'select' (3,6,9,0,.,+), and for the alarm mode you use the bottom left buttons marked 'advance' (1,2,4,5,7,8). Setting the time is done by holding the mode button until the time starts flashing, with mode switching screens, select cycling through what to set, and advance changing the numbers. There is also a light button to the right of the LCD display.

The watch has the Super Lovers name across the 2 halves of the strap, and the date 1996 and the Super Lovers logo at the top of the face. I think that the 1996 date fits with when I would expect the watch to be from, but it could be a newer design made to be retro. Inside, the module has a start date of 1984 in the date setting mode, so I have a suspicion that the module that have used is at leased based on the original 80s calculator watches.

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