Monday, 3 August 2015

Don't Worry Be Happy! Watch

I've had a little break from the blog over the last couple of weeks, but I should be back to some more regular posts again now.

I'm back to work today after a short holiday (which maybe should have been longer ;-) ), so I thought I'd wear a watch with a good positive phrase as it's motto.

This watch is a basic quartz watch, with two hands for telling the time, and a rotating disc which turns with the seconds. The disc isn't really for telling the time, and has a large smiley face in the centre over the dial. The disc also has the phrase "Don't worry. Be happy" around the edge (which always makes me think of the Bobby McFerrin song). The watch also has a black plastic strap which is also printed with the Don't Worry Be Happy phrase on one part, and the smiley face on the other.

There are no markers on the watch to tell me a manufacturer or age of the watch (I'll guess late 2000s), but this isn't going to worry me, I'm just going to be happy!

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