Friday, 28 August 2015

Jean Paul Gaultier JPG Face 97

In February, I blogged a watch from Jean Paul Gaultier called the JPG In Space, and today's watch in part of the same line.

Gaultier is a very flamboyant and well known fashion designer, who is recognised for his extreme designs (Madonna's cone bra), gender stereotype breaking (men in skirts), and his line of perfumes and aftershaves. Over the years, he has also designed many different watches, especially in the late 90s when he had the JPG (or J.P.G) range which I've been covering a lot on the blog.

This watch is one of the analogue models and is based around the Citizen quartz 1030 module. It has a 3 hand dial design in a deep round silver case. The main difference from the model I blogged in February is the design on the face, but they share the JPG text/logo which is one of the prominent features. The other part of the design here is a man's head where he has a red star in the middle of his forehead (with 19 written in it), and that is next to a large number 97 (which gives away this was a 1997 release and that is confirmed by the serial number).

The back of the watch is dominated by the JPG logo with the other information around the edge (base metal, water resistant, made in Japan). The watch also has a matching leather and fabric strap which also includes the JPG logo imprinted on the leather on the inside.

The full model number is 1030-L16231

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