Thursday, 6 August 2015

Casio Baby-G BG-2000

It seems like it's been a while since I last wore a Casio G-Shock or Baby-G, so I've decided to sort that out today.

The watch I chose is one of the Baby-G line which a set of smaller G-Shock models and are primarily aimed at women, but are suitable for anyone (especially if you have a smaller size wrist).

This model is the BG-2000 and is one of the square case designs that has been a theme across many different models. This model has a green inverse mirrored LCD display which mainly uses a dot matrix for showing the different information. The display is split into 3 parts by two printed lines running across the screen. The middle part shows the time, with has a small animation as the numbers change, and has the strange feature in that for the middle part of the minute, the time display grows and then shrinks (by 2 pixels in height). The bottom line of the display has the most information by default, with a long thin dot matrix array showing day, date, and seconds. The top section mainly has icons to show items such as am/pm, alarm settings, etc. along with 4 dots which pulse with the seconds.

Inside is a 3077 module which powers the watch. This gives the watch many modes, which are world time (29 zones with 44 cities), alarm (x5), stopwatch, timer, and a silent mode where the display is blank.

The watch features a chunky white plastic case with a square silver bezel. The strap is designed to look seamless with the case, but is replaceable (although you would need the specific strap which matches this model). Overall, the case gives a 10 bar water resistance, and this model is made in China.

This design is still shown on the Casio website, but not in this colour. For one a black model, I also saw that it was first listed on Amazon in 2007, so I assume that this white version is from the same time.

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