Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Swatch Feel My Love

I'm back with the Swatch watches again today, with a special model.

This watch is called Feel My Love, and was released for Valentine's Day in 2007. It is part of a subset of the Swatch Originals line which is called Jelly In Jelly which ran from 2006 to 2009. The case design looks almost  the same as the normal Originals watches, but are slightly larger and have a more hidden crown.

This Feel My Love watch has a relatively plain face to its 3 hand dial design, with a white background and black and red numbers. The strap has lots of images printed on it with a voodoo theme. The bottom half of the strap features a voodoo doll with heart shaped pins stuck in it, along with the watch's Feel My Love name and symbols of a stick person and male and female icons. The top half of the strap has the writing Swatch Voodoo Love in red and black with two of the o's in Voodoo being the male and female icons and the o in love being the head of the same stick person design shown on the bottom part of the strap.

The watch also came with a voodoo doll (which unfortunately I don't have) and a selection of pins with hearts on the end so that you could stick in the pins and try the voodoo for yourself.

The full model number is SUJK121 and it is classed as part of the Spring Summer 2007 collection.

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