Friday, 7 August 2015

Coca-Cola 2012 Olympics Snap Watch

For my Friday watch, I decided on a commemorative promotional watch with a little bit of patriotism (as I'm British).

This watch was produced for the 2012 Olympic Games in London for Coca-Cola. The watch features a design made for the Olympics which has concentric rings (rather than the normal linked rings Olympics logo) in the normal ring colours. There is also a circular Union Jack flag in the logo to represent Britain, and as this is a Coke watch, there is also a Coca-Cola bottle in the design too. Coca-Cola are the world's largest soft drinks brand, and are the longest continuous Olympic sponsor. They first sponsored the Olympics back in 1928, and are currently under contract to sponsor through to 2020.

Time is shown in a round window on the left side of the watch with an LCD display. The LCD panel only has a 4 digit display with the hours on the top line and minutes below. The LCD module is capable of dare and seconds too, but there are no buttons on the outside of the watch to change the display.

The watch module is encased in a one piece silicone rubber case wich has a snap style strap (where you stretch it out straight, and when you slap it against your wrist, it wraps around). The strap also has the Coca-Cola name logo moulded in the silicone, and is printed with Coca-Cola in a red, white, and blue roundel, as well as the British Queen's crown logo. To get to the battery or set the time, the module can be squeezed out of the front of the watch.

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