Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Zippo XPC 07

Today's watch is the 3rd watch on my blog by a company known mainly for its lighters.

This watch is by Zippo, or more correctly made for Zippo as part of their watch line. The real manufacturer of the watch isn't shown, but the back states that the watch (or just brand name) is licensed by Zippo Manufacturing Co. Zippo still sell watches, and the line is described as "Updated, contemporary watches designed with simple, yet innovative features, geared for performance, elegance, and sportsmanship."

This model is called the XPC 07 (based on the numbers on the back) and is an LCD design. The watch has a round display with 3 lines of information covering (top to bottom) day/date, time (4 digits), and seconds. The display is set in a chunky round case with external screws (making it look a little more square shaped) which is 10 atm water resistant. The watch has multiple modes which are alarm, dual time, timer, and stopwatch.

For the previous Zippo watches I've blogged, I'd thought they were late 80s or early 90s, but the date setting in the module for this model doesn't start until 91, so this should be a 90s model.

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