Sunday, 2 December 2012

Aliens - Alien Queen by Hope Industries

Today, I'm covering another of my watches that is sealed in it's original packaging. It seems however, that it's still not worth much, as you can buy it for less than $2 on Amazon!

The watch is an Alien Queen model from the movie Aliens. It features a watch head which is a model of the Alien (with movable head) and a long tail that wraps around your tail to hold it on. The 4 digit LCD is placed in the Alien's chest, and the two buttons are on either side of the LCD panel.

It is a 5 function quartz watch, with hours, minutes, seconds, date, and month!

The watch was made in 1993, and has copyright of Twentieth Century Fox from 1986 (when the film was released), as well as 1993.

The alien that the watch is based on was originally designed by H. R. Geiger, who is known for his unique and atmospheric sci-fi designs.

The watch has made by Hope Industries Inc, who are based in New York, but manufacture in China.

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